No Regrets

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The recent article, “No Regrets: Former collegiate student-athletes’ reflection on regret,” by & Raymond F. Prior, Ph.D. is a recent research study, 02/Nov/2021, that examines regret of former collegiate student athletes. Their research findings may help current and future athletes’ minimize regrets as they move through their collegiate careers. One question presented to the participates was;

“As you reflect on your own regrets, what advice would you give a high schooler about to start their collegiate athletic career?

There were several areas of regret which included:

*Mindset management

*Approach to training

*Body management

*Injury management

Under mindset management many participants mentioned,


*The athlete’s fear of being yelled at by a coach

*Athlete being too hard on themselves

*Carrying the mistake forward (error while playing) vs. “snapping out of it.”

This article is useful for future researchers to piggy back on for further exploration of the topics, and also for high school and collegiate athletes’ to think about as they engage in their athletic careers. The mindset skills are teachable. Many of these issues are developmental. As athletes’mature they need to gain awareness as to how they can claim a more active role in their athletic journey. 

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