Interlocking of Performance & Well Being

Published by Susan Zaro on

“Well being is an essential ingredient of performance. If you think of it from an individual level, am I really going to perform anywhere near my capacity if I’m not well? If I’m not physically well, if I’m not emotionally well, if I’m not spiritually well?” Performance coach Owen Eastwood.

It is encouraging to watch a ripple effect generated by top athlete’s that have actively used their voices to bring attention to the interconnectedness of mental, physical well being and performance effectiveness. This article by John Portch spotlights some of the discussions thought leaders in high performance sport and business leadership are having that are contributing to reshape the future.

Balance of an athletes health and well being has always been a vital part of successful performance. In the last 3-5 years this subject has gained enough traction that sport and leadership systems are beginning to proactively develop programs to address these issues.

This shift to normalize an athlete’s mental health and physical recovery needs are a large step in the right direction towards overall well being which is often directly connected to productivity. This broadened prospective holds opportunity to elevate athletic performance, longevity, team success and industry productivity.