Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

When a performer experiences what is perceived by them as an “athletic trauma,” this memory can become stuck and repeat itself when situations similar to the trauma are present. Examples of this are:

  • Golf – missing an easy putt on the 18th hole that would have won the tournament.
  • Tennis – double faulting at a pivotal point in the match.
  • Basketball – missing the game tying free throw.
  • Football – shanking the game winning field goal.

When the impact of an experience is traumatic enough it can become a stored memory complete with the physiological responses and thoughts that were present during the event.

These traumas can have lasting effects on future performances. The goal of EMDR for athletes experiencing these performance blocks is to:

  • Process the performance trauma.
  • Desensitize the athlete from the experience by clearing the negative beliefs, images and feelings that have been impeding performance fulfillment.


  • Positive beliefs, images and feelings that will enhance performance.