Competitive Excellence/Mental Skills Training

Involves collaboration with the athlete to define an empowering course of action and commitment to obtain short and long term performance goals. This includes:

  • Evaluation of training wheel of balance includes assessment of athletes mental, technical, strategic, physical and nutritional strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identification of the degree of impact unbalanced areas have on athletic goals.
  • Preparing for success by using mental focus techniques these include:
    • Positive self-talk
    • Managing emotional energy
    • Relaxation skills
    • Managing distractions
    • Calming mental gremlins
  • Maximization of mental, physical fitness and vitality by designing practice and competition preparation routines.
  • Create quick and easy performance rehearsal visualization practices.
  • Help athlete identify and remain aligned with their motivational keys.
  • Set realistic time-frames to meet goal setting objectives and establish proactive change.
  • Support athletes positive focus for continued commitment and goal achievement by utilizing assessment checks and providing feedback by tracking progress.