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Free Evaluation

Answer the following questions below on a scale of 1-5 where 5 represents total agreement and 1 complete disagreement.

1. I feel frustrated and discouraged often when I play my sport.

2. I am able to think clearly during high stress competition.

3. I feel positive about the relationship with my coach/teacher.

4. I recover quickly from losses and disappointments.

5. I am able to manage and control my emotions even when under
competitive pressure.

6. I visualize myself succeeding when I prepare for competition.

7. I use short and long term goal setting to further my athletic development.

8. I seek feedback and input from others to improve my physical and mental performance.

9. List 3 things that are the biggest roadblocks to your success.

Athletes in every sport all over the world use mental skills training to improve their performance and so can you! Once you've completed the information below and filled out the evaluation form Susan Zaro will call or e-mail you to arrange a free 30 minute consultation at her office.

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This evaluation is confidential and is only viewed by Susan Zaro. It's provided as a starting point in developing a sport health assessment and eventual customized program. This self-evaluation is not offered as a substitute for individual advice by a mental health professional or other health care professional.