6 Smart Tips

Awaken Your Competitive Edge-6 Smart Tips for Athletic Success:

1. GOALS: Sweat isn’t enough. Create measurable short and long term athletic goals. What specific actions are you taking today that support your goals? Read more

2. MOTIVATION: Cultivate compelling reasons to succeed. Create a lengthy list of the personal fulfillment you will experience by achieving your athletic goals. Keep track of your successes, build on them.

3. COURAGE: Be bold. Bet on yourself. Some parts of your goals will be easier to obtain than others. Accept the challenge. Notice when things are not working. Adjust your goals when necessary.

4. RELAXED READINESS: Prepare for game day. Many successful athletes develop a warm-up routine. Progressive relaxation exercises, breathing techniques, visualization skills and positive inner dialogue are tools that support mental readiness.

5. ENERGY: Positive energy creates flow. Negative energy blocks performance. When you make an error forgive yourself and move forward. Practice focusing on positive outcomes.

6. FUN: Why do you compete? Focus on what is fun for you in the athletic process. The road to success has longevity when the experience is pleasurable.

Additional Tips:

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CONCENTRATION: What is a state of flow and what role does concentration play in obtaining this state while playing tennis? Read more

MENTAL STRATEGIES: Mental skills are an important element of an athletes training that enables them to perform up to their skill level. Are your mind and body working together? Read more