Hard work, Preparation & Persistence

Published by Susan Zaro on

Long ago many doubted Tom Brady would ever play even one year of college football. As a freshman he was recruited by the University of Michigan as the fourth or fifth quarterback. He sat on the bench waiting his turn for three years becoming frustrated at what felt like a lack of opportunity.  At some point he met with Greg Harden who counseled many of the U of M’s great athlete’s. Through those meetings Brady came away with life lesson awareness that, “When things don’t go your way or, rather what you don’t think of as your way there can be a variety of opportunities that may not be obvious in the moment but that through hard work, preparation & persistence can present themselves over time and make you better.” In his 4th year at Michigan he was given the opportunity to compete for and won the position as starting quarterback. After college he was a sixth round NFL draft pick. In the draft he was passed over by every team several times. His scouting report said he had a poor build for football: skinny, narrow, lacked mobility and the ability to avoid the rush, lacked a strong arm, can’t drive the ball down the field and doesn’t throw a tight spiral.

Today at age 44, the rest of Tom Brady’s story is still being played out. He’s played twenty seasons with the New England Patriots winning six Super Bowls and last year as Q.B. for the Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s added his seventh Super Bowl title. He recently became the first Q.B. to achieve 602 (and counting) career touchdown passes in the regular season. It took a lot of self belief, discipline, focus, determination, hard work, preparation and persistence to achieve the remarkable milestones he has covered up to this point. Not everyone aspires to this level of achievement but any player in any sport with ambitions to succeed can benefit from Tom Brady’s Four Principles of Mental Toughness. Check it out.