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Mental Health & Time Managment

A whirlwind discussion erupted regarding athlete’s & mental health when Naomi Osaka withdrew from the 2021 French Open. This article by Dorothy Chin & Tamra Burns Loeb provides a nice summary of the issues that have come into the discussion. Look a bit deeper and earlier at the ascent of Osaka’s rise to stardom. She [...]

Nadine Waeghe of Elevate Performance

Nadine Waeghe, MPT, ATC, is the owner of Elevate Performance and Physical Therapy located in Redwood City, CA. Elevate Performance offers comprehensive sport science services whether the athlete needs a complete bio-mechanical analysis or rehabilitation of an injury. Nadine has expertise in bio-mechanics, equipment analysis, manual therapy and therapeutic taping. These specialties [...]

Athletes Welfare - Kathy Martin

Kathy Martin is a mental health counselor and sports physiotherapist with twenty-five years experience in sports and tennis. She joined the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) in 1991 as a sport physiotherapist. She is currently the International Tennis Federation (ITF) Player Welfare Officer and Senior Director of Athlete Assistance for the WTA. In her current roles Martin [...]