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Tap Into Your Potential

Regardless of which sport you participate in or at what level this interview by Sarah Kanowski with mindset coach Ben Crowe offers some sound perspective

for creating a healthy purposeful athletic life.  https://ab.co/3zgnvK8

Mental Health & Time Managment

A whirlwind discussion erupted regarding athlete’s & mental health when Naomi Osaka withdrew from the 2021 French Open. This article by Dorothy Chin & Tamra Burns Loeb provides a nice summary of the issues that have come into the discussion. Look a bit deeper and earlier at the ascent of Osaka’s rise to stardom. She [...]

The Growth of Sport Psychology

This article by Kirsten Weir for the American Psychological Association presents a nice overview of the growing presence of Sport Psychology at every level of sport and the varsity of issues that are increasingly being addressed to support athletes. https://www.apa.org/monitor/2018/11/cover-sports-psychologists

Thanks to Pixabay.com for the photo

Thanks to Pixabay.com for photo