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Virtual Reality Therapy

Virtual Reality: Susan utilizes Psious: Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT) paired with biofeedback to help relieve anxiety, and phobic disorders. VRT is a form of exposure therapy that immerses the client in a virtual environment using a head mounted display. The 3-D image creates a visual and auditory environment that psychologically exposes the client to the fear or phobia, (e.g. fear of flying, fear of test taking, fear of driving, fear of needles, fear of public speaking, claustrophobia, social or generalized anxiety, fear of animals etc.). The is gradually exposed to the stressor in a controlled setting.

VRT is paired with biofeedback to create client awareness of their physical reactions during the virtual exposure. The client is first taught diaphragmatic breathing as a self-management tool because the body responds to breath and how a client breathes can create a relaxed or anxious state. Once the client has learned correct breathing they are gradually exposed to the stressor in a controlled V.R. setting with the biofeedback monitor, then without the biofeedback monitor and eventually be comfortable in real life situations.