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Philanthropic Donations

With the completion of the Zaro Zone Program a client receives a program evaluation packet. At this time the client may choose from one of the following sport organizations and Zaro Zone will make a twenty-dollar donation to that organization on their behalf. Clients may also request the donation go to a sport organization of their choice.

Positive Coaching Alliance
Positive coaching Alliance is a local organization with a national reach and provides live, research-based training workshops and practical tools for coaches, parents and leaders who operate youth sport programs. PCA’s goal is to use sport experience to teach life lessons.

Riekes Center for Human Enhancement
The Riekes Center is a mentoring organization with a mission to provide its students the resources and opportunity of self-enhancement through programs in Athletic Fitness, Creative Arts and Nature Studies.

Team San Francisco
Team San Francisco provides a local sports network for San Francisco Bay Area gay and lesbian athletics and helps coordinate participation in the Gay Games.

USTA Northern California
The U.S.T.A. assists non-profit programs and junior players through grants and scholarships.

Women’s Sports Foundation
The Women’s Sports Foundation grant and scholarship program provides girls and women with educational materials and scholarships, research on issues related to women in sports, leadership development and also opportunities to participate in sports and fitness.

The Uilani Fund

The Uilani fund is a non-profit organization committed to providing support for complementary treatments for women with breast cancer in Santa Cruz, the San Francisco Bay Area and Hawaii.