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Covid-19 and tips for athlete's, coaches & parents

It is towards the end of August and Covid-19 is continuing to be front and center in our lives. This article from the Association for Applied Sport Psychology website is a useful resource for support for athlete’s, coaches, and parents. It is unfortunate that this athletic school year will be hampered by the restrictions that are necessary to ensure athlete’s, coaches and fans safety are put first. But as some point this virus will move to the background as you continue to pursue your athletic goals.

In the meantime, as an athlete whether you participate on a team, club, or are involved in an individual sport, what are you doing to stay motivated and in shape mentally and physically during this time? I invite you to e-mail me

@ sprthlth@earthlink.net with your mental performance questions and I will write the next few blog entries offering thoughts, suggestions, resources to your questions. Stay involved!

What is your volleyball team doing to stay connected during Covid-19? Photo by Vince Fleming, courtesy of Unsplash

How is the team keeping their passing skills and team communication up to date during Covid-19? Photo by Chris Moore, courtesy of Unsplash

Are player's staying focused on their athletic goals during Covid-19? Photo by Jeffrey F Lin, courtesy of Unsplash

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