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Questions for Nick Kyrgios

Australian tennis talent Nick Kyrgios joined the ATP tour in 2013 and in 2018 reached a ranking of #13.  Kyrgios is known for moments of tennis brilliance when focused and playing well. He has a large base of support from fans and players.  Kyrgios is equally known for struggling with frustration and emotions on the [...]

Stressors of Elite Teenage Sport Participation

The Atlantic Magazine’s recently published article by Linda Flanagan titled, “Why Are So Many Teen Athletes Struggling With Depression?” is a good read on the multi-layered stressors that can influence the mental health of  young elite athletes in today’s competitive sports environment.

The article is also a reminder to coaches and parents of the the essential importance [...]

Follow up to cheating

In response to the the last post: “The missteps of cheating in junior tennis.” Here were a few responses.

Tom Leonard : Independent ATP Tennis Professional

“Even some of the higher ranked players- and it’s always the same ones and everyone knows who they are – there r complains made against them – but nothing is ever [...]