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Influencer Elizabeth Beecroft - Passion for Wellness

Nice article by Elizabeth Beecroft chronicling her athletic and personal mental health journey which over time lead to a collaboration with Nike by You and the unique design on Nike Air Max 270 React. Cool looking shoe with a message. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this shoe will go towards the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention.

Novak Djokovic - Mental Skills

Novak Djokovic has made steady advancements in his professional success. Over the course of time he has masterfully calmed his inner mental game. In his recent Wimbledon victory press conference he answers questions about his mental preparation for the final and his focus during the epic match playing against the crowd favorite, Federer. Djokovic won in a tie breaker that was played at 12-12 in the 5th set.

A reporter asked: How do you prepare or train yourself to have that courage and mental toughness in the 5th set after four hours of playing? You talked about visualizing.

Djokovic: I try to play the match in my mind before I go on the court. I probably could not have played this kind of scenario, but I always try to imagine myself as a winner. I think there is a power to that but also there has to be next to the will power, strength that comes not just from your physical self but strength that comes from your mental and emotional self. I think it is a constant battle within more than what happens outside. It’s really not the situations that you experience that are affecting you but how you internally experience those situations, how you accept them, how you live through them. I told myself before the match I am going to switch off from what is happening around us and just be there, be present…..one thing that probably allowed me to come back, save match points and win this match was the mental stability of those moments.”

It takes years of extremely high competitive match play experience to develop the level of mental skill Djokovic has developed.  The key is he practices those mental skills as part of his training. Players at all levels, junior, collegiate, & social recreational can enhance their competitive abilities by making the mental game as important to their overall training as the physical.

To see the full interview:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AziIXcmE9Xg

Simona Halep - Mental Skills

Simona Halep’s recent Wimbledon win over Serena Williams was a flawless performance. During Halep’s post match interview she shared key mental strategies that tennis players’ at all levels can learn to elevate their competitive match play mental focus.

*Halep developed a game plan prior to the match and committed to that game plan. She knew which shots she needed to take Serena out of her comfort zone and stuck to that plan.

*Halep knows that Serena will fight back with power and purpose. Halep kept her thoughts focused on the points vs. thinking about who she was playing and what could happen.

*Within eleven minutes Halep was up 4-0. She stayed focused on playing every point vs. engaging in a mental dialogue about the score.

*Halep knew her returns of serve had to be effective. During her last practice session she prepared by primarily focusing on hitting returns of serve.

*Halep embraced her nerves vs. fighting or trying to ignore them. She channeled her nerves in a positive way to support her efforts.

These mental skills can be developed for player’s at any level of the game.

Here is the link to the Wimbledon 2019 post match interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ho8bnRl0u9c