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Tennis Professional Guido Bella, A Calmer Player

Argentine professional tennis player Guido Pella discusses with journalist Jonathon Braden, steps he took that helped him become a calmer, more focused and successful player on the court. Pella has shifted his focus so moment to moment he is able to stay centered in the present. “My mind is in the right place. It doesn’t matter if I lose the first set or if I lose the second set. I still am remaining calm, and I think that that’s the key in tennis. Eighty, 90 percent of tennis, it’s about the mind.”

Stressors of Elite Teenage Sport Participation

The Atlantic Magazine’s recently published article by Linda Flanagan titled,¬†“Why Are So Many Teen Athletes Struggling With Depression?” is a good read on the multi-layered stressors that can influence the mental health of ¬†young elite athletes in today’s competitive sports environment.

The article is also a reminder to coaches and parents of the the essential importance of creating life balance in a developing athletes life.

Can team sports change a child's brain?

How team sports change a child’s brain” by Gerry Everding, reveals some interesting findings by researchers at Washington University in St. Louis. Lisa Gorham, lead author of the study and a senior majoring in cognitive neuroscience in Arts and Sciences, said, “We found that involvement in sports but not non-sport activities such as music or art is related to greater hippocampal volume in both boys and girls, and is related to reduced depression in boys.”