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Many thanks to Terry Holladay & Ros Fairbanks-Nideffer for lending their expertise in the tennis drills and sharing a few of their personal experiences of mental training from years of playing tour tennis during the Women’s Peak Performance Training Clinics at Fairbanks Ranch Country Club and Lomas Santa Fe Country Club in San Diego.  After the classroom training the participants experimented with mental concepts in various playing scenarios. The challenge for most adult league players is finding time to focus themselves prior to stepping on the court to play. Their days are filled with work, kids, errands and little prep time. The concepts are presented so each player can customize a quick shift to player mode prior to match play and include techniques and reminders to bring their focus back as it drifts off in matches. The players brought their enthusiasm to become a stronger team and benefit individually as they learned how the mind-body feedback systems work and influence their ability to perform up to their capabilities during match play.

Nancy: ” I attended Susan Zaro’s Sport Psychology/Peak Performance combo workshop. We learned about how our mind-body feedback systems work during competition and how to regulate with breathing and mental exercises. It is all very cutting edge and her techniques extend to everything you do in life. I thought Susan and the program were fantastic!”

Thanks Nancy – keep improving all parts of your game…..thanks ladies for a wonderful week…….Play on…..

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