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Sport Counseling Works If...

  1. You are looking for a competitive edge.
  2. You are concerned with your child’s experience in youth sports.
  3. You are looking for a way to get more out of your exercise experience.
  4. You or the athletes you coach….
      …lose focus during competition.
      …lack confidence during games.
      …choke during important competitive events.

The most common reasons for participating in Sport Psychology Services is to……..

1. Improve performance. Teaching athletes of any level of ability, mental strategies can refine the practices of successful performers and help ineffective performers move beyond their mental/emotional roadblocks.

2. To develop strategies to embrace the pressures and challenges of competition. Competition is an opportunity to prepare yourself to perform when the outcome matters. Pressures and challenges arise from the athlete’s own expectations regarding quality of performance as well as parental and/or coach expectations.

3. Work with parents to help their child develop confidence and have a satisfying sport experience. Topics for parents include understanding their influential role in their child’s sporting experience, tips for defining success in their child’s sport skills, do’s and don’t for parents of young and adolescent athletes, relaxation skills for parents during their child’s competition, identifying parents athletic dreams vs. the child’s vision of sport involvement.

4. To provide psychological assistance with injury rehabilitation. Injury is typically an unexpected occurrence. The initial shock and over time frustration of finding oneself on the side-lines instead of participating in practice and competition can result in strong emotional reactions. Developing skills such as goal setting, imagery, communication with coaches and other healthy traits provides a forum for athletes to develop positive coping skills and self-management techniques during recovery from injury.

Peak Performance programs and training prepare you to share the success enjoyed by a wide variety of athletes at every level, from professional to recreational. Learn about the athlete you are and the athlete you can become.

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